Retreating to the Woods

For some reasons I’ve been stuck lately, having a hard time writing to this blog. Not sure why. Maybe after I return from a ten day camping trip with my husband Alistair I’ll be back up and writing. Don’t know.

We’ll be camping in a ten by fourteen log cabin with a wood stove for cooking on one end and a huge river rock fireplace on the other. The toilet is an outhouse a hundred feet west of the house, the bath is a stream meandering just beyond.

The nearest town is an hours drive by car. We’ve been here before. We hiked nearly every day and only ran into another person once, a person with a cross bow on his back and camoflage on his face. Unfortunately for the deer he looked as determined as he did fit.

If we stick with the routine we’ll have predawn meditations, long, strenuous hikes and icy cold bathes. No cell phones, no computers, no one but the bears, cougars, deers and a whole lot of chattering birds to pull us away from our meditations, from our silence.

I hope it snows.

Will write again in about two weeks time.


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