The Doors Are Open

My grandson Maxwell will soon have my attention in full check, till then I’ll scribble down a very quick update . . .

Four of us were back out in Mosier yesterday. Mimi and I worked on putting order to the cookhouse while the remaining crew of four continued to dig, pound and level. A strong and pleasant breeze made known the benefits of sweat while keeping the bees at a distance.

Having finally finished the platforms, Alistair set up one of the tents. It was fun to add a sense of accomplishment to all the dirty and difficult work so many have put in thus far. When Mimi and I saw the finished tent and platform for the first time we immediatelly indulged in an imaginary design competition for ‘Best’ interior. She won hands down with the addition of small Tibetan throw rugs, which was a pleasure to bow to.

Ajahn Sudanto saw this photo and sent it back to me after he PhotoShopped himself sitting inside. He titled (what I refer to as his masterpiece) “Imagine” and said it was fun to think of himself sitting there for the summer months . . . nice work don’t you agree?

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