Letting Go

Ajahn Sucitto says:

From an article titled “What You Take Home with You
“…Time then is a measure of desire – desire for continuity, desire for a certain outcome. It paralyzes us into expectation and anticipation or dread and worry. We skip over the present moment and get lost in something we imagine is out there in the virtual reality we call the future.”…

“The capacity to live in uncertainty, with anicca, can be a great help. We develop the capacity to live without a future, without knowing. But it’s not about imagining that there will be no future…that’s another expectation about the future. No, the skills that you develop in being fully tuned in to the present and meeting and managing what arises will support a future based on clarity and balance. The future arises out of the conditions in the present, so when you handle the present with mindfulness, the future will be conditioned by awareness and joy rather than by anxiety and bias. Joy comes from the initiative and the courage to meet the inconstant and the uncertain. Take those with you too!”

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