Turn-around and What Do You See?

This is brilliant!
From Jonathan Reeda, a 20 year old’s entry for a contest hosted by American Association for Retired Persons (yes I’m a member;).

Turn your speakers up, relax and enjoy the wisdom of our youth:

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  1. Sakula Mary Reinard

    January 6, 2010 at 8:52 am

    Hi Tracy,

    This is good hear! Thanks for sharing your experience of hope, I found this uplifting.
    You said "Skillful means are called forth. It is easy to "rest with what is" but I believe our youth are more inclined towards engagement." Wow, lucky you :)
    I find 'resting-with-what-is' one of the most challenging and humbling aspects of the Buddha's teachings. Gandhi was a supreme example of restraint in this regard, not acting on the very human tendency to consider striking out against violence but rather to observe reactions and restrain action til one can move with peace and goodwill. As long as one acts from a place of peace and goodwill I don't see anythign in the Buddha's teachings that would discourage any form of action. To "rest with what is" does not, in my humble opinion, mean non-action, quite the opposite ;)

    Thanks for your comment Tracy, nice way to start the day!

  2. Tracy McDonald

    January 6, 2010 at 1:52 am

    Wow! I am a college prof and mother of two 20-somethings. In just the past two or so years, I have seen a subtle shift in my students. For most of my teaching career (25+yrs), my perception was that sadly, the majority of my students could be characterized by apathy and viewed "getting ahead" as their life goal. A subtle shift seemed to emerge as it became evident to the mainstream that climate change is a very real threat and is not a "theory." For the first time in my career, a great number of my students rose to the occasion. The critical thinking and resolve they showed in working to making the world a better place and the actions they took were nothing short of astonishing. Look at the record numbers that voted in the recent presidential election. I have confidence in this generation and I feel more positive about the future of of those who come after us than I have ever have. My only fear is that the current economic crisis has taken us all off track since you have to eat to be able to engage in activism. Unfortunate, because time is really of the essence. Still, I have faith. Skillful means are called forth. It is easy to "rest with what is" but I believe our youth are more inclined towards engagement.

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