Giving and Recieving between communities

Most every month I meet with the Board of Trustees of the Sellwood Methodist Church, our landlords. Over the years these kind gentlemen have listened to all sorts of ways we at Portland Friends of the Dhamma have been jostling with the noise/heat/cold issues regarding the outdated windows in the Shrine room. This pass Autumn I was sharing with them some steps our community had taken (and were considering yet taking) regarding the challenges of these old windows.

  • Received an anonymous donation from our community for a complete set of  second window inserts, custom built
  • Purchased noise, sun, loss of heat reduction blinds
  • Paul G., a community member, hand built window ledges
  • Purchased swamped cooler to address summer heat issues
  • Dave F. a community member, did extensive research on how we might address the summer heat issue
  • Jim W. a community member and air-movement specialist offered useful advice

When sharing our continued window saga I was touched the way the Church’s Board responded. They were impressed with the way our community actively holds itself responsible for our comfort and in so doing has members who voluntarily contribute to upgrading a facility they don’t even own. Then they chatted amongst themselves and cheerfully agreed to offer brand new windows for our Shrine room at no cost to us. A few weeks later they decided to put new windows in the Kitchen as well to further help cut down noise from the street. “Would this help?” my neighbor Bryan and Sellwood Methodist Church Board member asked. On behalf of our community I offered back a toothy “Oh yes indeed”.

Within a couple months the windows were installed. The noise in the Shrine room dropped dramatically, the room remained heated long after the thermostat was turned down for the night and the beauty of these new windows proved a much unexpected and appreciated bonus.

Today, when viewing the Church’s bulletin board I notice our Thank-You cards were pinned up. Thirty-eight people signed these cards. It was lovely to see our community Thank-You’s displayed for all  their community to receive.

From the Buddhist to the Christians, Thank You for this deeply appreciated act of Generosity.

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