Love and Let Go . . .

All that is mine will become otherwise, will become separated from me.


With the passing of my younger brother Chris, these words are often present in my psyche of late. He stands here in this photo taken in 1966 between our older brother David and our Dad Carl.  Along with our Dad three of my nine siblings have passed.


I know it’s a trick of the mind to wander the land of big-sister, why fight a battle already loss?   I’m just going to wait this one out . . . love and let go . . . love and let . . . love and . . . love . . .


The tricks of sañña make it spin.

The mind goes wrong because it trusts its saññas,

attached to its likes,

leaving this plane of being,

going to that, wandering till it’s dizzy,

forgetting itself,

completely obscure to itself.

No matter how hard it tries to find the Dhamma,

it can’t catch a glimpse.”


“What ferrets out the Dhamma?”


“The heart ferrets it out,

trying to find out how saññas say ‘good’

and grasp at ‘bad’

and force it to fasten on loving & hating.”


“To eat once & never look for more?”


“The end of wanting to look, to know,

to hope for knowing more,

The end of entanglements.

The mind sits still on its dais,

discarding its attachments.”


The Ballad of the Khandhas an excerpt



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