Being Upasika


Literally, the word Upasika means one who sits close by. In general usage it means a lay Buddhist who has taken refuge in the Triple Gem


  • The Buddha – awakened one seeing/knowing clearly
  • The Dhamma – teachings pointing out the way
  • The Sangha – community, friends developing the way


Upasika’s also endeavor to live in accordance with the Five Precepts, the basic moral guidelines that encourage respect for life and property, responsibility in relationships, truthfulness in speech and the avoidance of states of consciousness that impair mindfulness.


Here in the Portland, Oregon area we have the good fortune to have a branch  Hermitage of the Abhayagiri Monastery nearby. The Pacific Hermitage, like it’s mother-ship, has a program for Upasika’s to draw near to both the teachings of the Buddha and it’s ordained disciples. Visit links below for more information: