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Who’s Not Afraid of Dying?

Follow the link for a video taken on the road from Leh to Lamayuru, in Ladakh (in the India Himalaya). The new road in the valley floor was being repaired so we went up the high twisty narrow old road. Ajahn Pasanno sat in the front passenger seat which in India is on the left hand side….shortly after I made the comment to Ajahn “how you doing up there sir?” he offered his seat to me….when will I learn to keep my mouth shut I ask?

Here’s the road on Google satellite.

Fish Tails

Walking on the beach just as the Pacific tide turns back in on itself I lower my big stick to a meandering drag. Emotions settle from an off-key choral to a steady hum as my eyes lift off from the sandy shore. My visual path upward gets caught in a glint on a rocky dune. “Has someone lost a jeweled necklace or perhaps here lies a bottle broken?”

A birseye view lands on the gaze of what appears a living fish. Stooping down to scoop it up I jiggled its mouth to look for any sign of life or muscular reaction. None. I smell it, no scent of death. Stiff? No, and the eyes are perfectly clear of shadow or distance, it actually appears to be looking back at me. It’s scales were even damp and yet it lay a full hundred feet from the outgoing sea.

I lay it on a rock and just as I did with my brother and my aunt I bid the wee soul a safe journey and a fortunate sojourn. “May your heart remain open, your fears meet with calm and your travels land you in a pleasant abiding.”