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Who’s Not Afraid of Dying?

Follow the link for a video taken on the road from Leh to Lamayuru, in Ladakh (in the India Himalaya). The new road in the valley floor was being repaired so we went up the high twisty narrow old road. Ajahn Pasanno sat in the front passenger seat which in India is on the left hand side….shortly after I made the comment to Ajahn “how you doing up there sir?” he offered his seat to me….when will I learn to keep my mouth shut I ask?

Here’s the road on Google satellite.

Walking in the Heaven’s


From the Blog site of Carsten Nebel "My Himalayas"

Alistair and I will be traveling with Ajahn Pasanno, Tan Nyaniko, a couple of lay supporters from India. We will be travelling by road slowly up to Ladakh via the Baspa valley (Rampur and Kalpa) and Spiti Valley (Tabo & Kaza). Upon our return I’ll share photo’s and stories with you…can’t wait.



Dancing with the Tyrant

“It was Christmas and the foreign monks had decided to celebrate it. They invited some laypeople as well as Ajahn Chah to join them. The laypeople were generally upset and skeptical. Why, they asked, were Buddhists celebrating Christmas? Ajahn Chah then gave a talk on religion in which he said, “As far as I understand, Christianity teaches people to do good and avoid evil, just as Buddhism does, so what is the problem? However, if people are upset by the idea of celebrating Christmas, that can be easily remedied. We won’t call it Christmas. Let’s call it ‘Christ-Buddhamas’. Anything that inspires us to see what is true and do what is good is proper practice. You may call it any name you like.”

My husband Alistair and I were meant to fly out of Portland today, heading to his family’s home in the highlands of Scotland. Like thousands of other Holiday travelers we fell victim to the “Snow Storm of the Century” (which by the way is the second one this decade). So we spent the day dancing with the winter tyrant who, it seems, had much to offer once preferences were put to rest.

Time Is Marching On . . .

Tomorrow I leave for Alaska for two weeks, I wish I had time to write before heading out but oh well . . . time marches on and I’m getting older . . . . Hopefully I make it back to write again and share all the changes taking place.

Graph of time series equation. (Courtesy of Daniel Bersak.)

Retreating to the Woods

For some reasons I’ve been stuck lately, having a hard time writing to this blog. Not sure why. Maybe after I return from a ten day camping trip with my husband Alistair I’ll be back up and writing. Don’t know.

We’ll be camping in a ten by fourteen log cabin with a wood stove for cooking on one end and a huge river rock fireplace on the other. The toilet is an outhouse a hundred feet west of the house, the bath is a stream meandering just beyond.

The nearest town is an hours drive by car. We’ve been here before. We hiked nearly every day and only ran into another person once, a person with a cross bow on his back and camoflage on his face. Unfortunately for the deer he looked as determined as he did fit.

If we stick with the routine we’ll have predawn meditations, long, strenuous hikes and icy cold bathes. No cell phones, no computers, no one but the bears, cougars, deers and a whole lot of chattering birds to pull us away from our meditations, from our silence.

I hope it snows.

Will write again in about two weeks time.