Who’s Not Afraid of Dying?

Follow the link for a video taken on the road from Leh to Lamayuru, in Ladakh (in the India Himalaya). The new road in the valley floor was being repaired so we went up the high twisty narrow old road. Ajahn Pasanno sat in the front passenger seat which in India is on the left hand side….shortly after I made the comment to Ajahn “how you doing up there sir?” he offered his seat to me….when will I learn to keep my mouth shut I ask?

Here’s the road on Google satellite.

Walking in the Heaven’s


From the Blog site of Carsten Nebel "My Himalayas"

Alistair and I will be traveling with Ajahn Pasanno, Tan Nyaniko, a couple of lay supporters from India. We will be travelling by road slowly up to Ladakh via the Baspa valley (Rampur and Kalpa) and Spiti Valley (Tabo & Kaza). Upon our return I’ll share photo’s and stories with you…can’t wait.



A Fowl Uplift

For the past several months life has felt drab, dull, uninspired . . . honestly just not very fun.  Today, unexpectedly, my spirits have been slightly lifted albeit from a rather humble  meeting with . . . chickens.  The living, clucking, pecking kind that offer eggs in exchange for food scraps (now there’s a good a deal).

Pedaling our bikes to a community supported urban-farming venture in our Sellwood neighborhood Alistair and I met  farm manager Nikki.  As we were nearing the end of our riverhouse tour and preparing to mount our bikes I stopped to admire Buffy and her girlfriend; two beautiful full grown fowl. “Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to raise chickens” I sighed and Nikki smiled . . . you just never now when you’re going to meet a kindred spirit.

We decided to buy a half share membership with riverhouse farm, exchange mutually supportive expertise’s and hand raise four baby chicks for three months, just old enough to live on the farm. I just got a whole lot more popular with my grandkids.

With the promise of fresh produce in the belly and warm-fuzzies in the hand, whose spirit wouldn’t rise?

Good thing she doesn’t raise goats.

Turn-around and What Do You See?

This is brilliant!
From Jonathan Reeda, a 20 year old’s entry for a contest hosted by American Association for Retired Persons (yes I’m a member;).

Turn your speakers up, relax and enjoy the wisdom of our youth:

It isn’t easy Being Me


“I don’t want to be judged by who I am”

For over ten years now, Alistair has been Chef for our Thanksgiving gatherings and still I can find it a challenge to restrain myself from offering ‘helpful’ advice. Ahhhhhh….let it go Sakula, let it go…

How to Serve up a pleasant Holiday meal:

Take opinions from the freezer
Set them on the counter till thawed
Remove anything from the carcass not of personal responsibility and throw down
the toilet….flush
Simmer and serve remaining duties
Appreciate those of others