Well Golly Gee

Well golly gee, Change does happen! Congratulations to US!

The world cheers with us once again, and even if only for this one day, this one moment, I’ll take it.

A few reactions that I found uplifting:

Bhikku’s Blog

Herald Tribune: “There is the feeling that for the first time since Kennedy, America has a different kind of leader,” said Alejandro Saks, an Argentine script writer in Buenos Aires. Or, as Ersin Kalaycioglu, a professor of political science in Istanbul, put it, “The U.S. needs a facelift and he’s the one who can give it.”

Change: From old Alabama to new Armenia, Obama’s win is our win
“The election of this new American president, beyond all the dangerously Pollyanna reactions to the moment (including mine), represents far more universal ideologies than race or nationality or age or gender. Profoundly simplistic, yes, the November 4 American election revived belief that should not be owned by Americans only.”

“French President Nicolas Sarkozy said “your brilliant victory rewards a tireless commitment to serve the American people. It also crowns an exceptional campaign whose inspiration and exaltation have proved to the entire world the vitality of American democracy.”

“By choosing you, the American people have chosen change, openness and optimism,” added Sarkozy who sent one of a flood of congratulatory messages to the 47-year-old Democratic senator.

ABC World News
“I applaud the American people for their courage and the great morality that they showed,” Afghan President Hamid Karzai said. French President Nicolas Sarkozy was even more glowing in a letter to Obama: “In choosing you, the American people have chosen the path of change, openness and optimism. Your election raises immense hope in France, Europe and beyond: the hope of an open America.”

And From Times of India:
Nelson Mandela says, “Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place.”

Sadu, Sadu, Sadu

To Play or Not to Play

Three year old Natalie loves to paint. She explores colors and forms as readily as surfaces, bringing her body into play as she paints. She inspires me to reclaim my studio-now-storage space so I might join her in the fun.

On the Fourth of July Natalie joined Alistair and I at a kids Alms offering for Laung Por Sumedho and Ajahn Panyasaro at our Buddhist center. Before leaving the house we searched around for wee gifts to offer the monks. Alistair picked flowers from our garden, I picked out some incense from Thailand and Natalie choose fairies (unused candles in the shape of little girl angles I had set on the childrens dinner plates last Christmas). We tucked the wee presents into envelopes she deemed pretty enough to carry the fairies in and headed off down the street.

The Alms were offered, gifts were received and Blessings rained. Its been months since I’ve had such a light hearted feeling when at the center, where too my studio is housed. Nothing like youthful aplomb to lightened the heart of a ‘responsible adult’ and bring body into play once again.

Time Is Marching On . . .

Tomorrow I leave for Alaska for two weeks, I wish I had time to write before heading out but oh well . . . time marches on and I’m getting older . . . . Hopefully I make it back to write again and share all the changes taking place.

Graph of time series equation. (Courtesy of Daniel Bersak.)

Fear of Falling

Interesting how hard it is to take seriously a fear-of-falling when sitting on the ground. Especially when you’ve seen it all before. So someone throws a few punches and one or two of them land: its pretty easy to have compassion for the absurbity of the predicament. Marcus Aurelius scripts a fitting expression in his book titled “Meditations”,

“As the performances in the circus or in other places of entertainment tire one with their perpetual repetition of the same sights, the monotony of which makes the spectacle a weariness, so it is with the whole experience of life: on our upward and downward path all things prove to be ever the same – causes and effects alike. How long then . . .?”

How long . . . how long indeed . . .

Learning to Walk

The video at the bottom of this post reflects (according to moi) the best of worldly family. To be born challenged as the son documented here is, into a family with a father such as he has certainly demonstrates one of good kamma, one of good worldly fortune.

Taking a second look I’m motivated by its message in an unexpected way. What will the son do should his father pass away before him? Perhaps another would step in to take his fathers place though its not very likely, and the son will certainly never be able to do on his own what he can do with his dad.

The question arose for me after Ajahn Pasanno was ‘thought’ to have the first of possibly a series of strokes (now believed to of been a one time event). What would I do should he pass away before me? Would I be able to apply his teachings and guidance without ever having contact with him again? Unlike the gentleman in the video I can learn to walk on my own and must take advantage of teachers presence to the fullest while their still alive so that when they (or myself) pass along I can remain moving forward in Dhamma.

Click HERE to view video