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Taking Root

This past Wednesday Joan and I drove out to the Hermitage to get the tents ready for the monks. We aimed to get ourselves off the land before they showed up for their first night of Vassa and though we arrived a full two hours later than originally intending, our mission was accomplished. Still, upon arriving I was feeling a bit of pressure to hurry up and finish which made for a mindfully unpleasant few moments, heh, heh, heh. Sweat poured and ankles bent as we trecked up and down the hillside till finally the tents were in good order. Joan headed back up the hill to prepare our lunch while I shot a few photos. If you ever do anything with Joan and she offers to make you lunch? . . . you really want to take her up on it!

It was nice to share the meal offering with Ashleigh today; walking in with bags full of food and seeing the monks conversing near a shrine was like entering an honest to goodness monastery.

Yesterday Greg and Adrienne brought their children to the Hermitage and offered the monks their first Vassa meal. They also made an offering to the Sanghata Foundation; a beautiful marble Buddha rupa. You can see it below just to the right of Ajahn Sudanto (left side of photo). A beautiful expression. I feel fortunate to be part of such a community as this.

This ‘practice-run’ for a possible monastery taking root near the Portland area certainly has its challenges, as any large scale project must. Still the foundation so far laid is also bearing some tasty fruits: witnessng amazing generosity, meeting well with challenging deadlines and sharing aspirations with others; all the while strengthening old and new friendships.

Ajahn Sudanto’s mother summed up this Hermitage adventure in a charming if not ‘mortherly’ way; “it’s a dream come true isn’t it?”
Yes, it certainly is, and a good one at that!

Good Folk, Nice Welcome, Awesome Atmosphere

Ajahn Sudanto and Tan Karunadhammo arrived yesterday late afternoon. After a nights rest and a hearty meal, Scott came by and drove the monks and myself out to the Hermitage land. Alistair was there, Michael and Mimi too, getting a tent set up for viewing.

It was a very good feeling to see Tan Karunadhammo inside the kuti and on the land where he’ll spend the next three months in retreat. I was surprised at just how beautiful the setting seemed as I’ve been there so many times before. Something about seeing the monks on the land, the tent up and the walking path complete, added a lovely element of worthy purpose to my emotional atmosphere.

Tomorrow we work on finishing the second tent site, build steps in the trails and quietly celebrate the fruition of our good efforts.

As silly as this may sound, the day was filled with happy, smiling faces. Micheal and Mimi invited neighbors over for tea, introduced the monks and casually visited. Good folk, nice welcome, awesome atmosphere. This feels good . . .