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Who’s Not Afraid of Dying?

Follow the link for a video taken on the road from Leh to Lamayuru, in Ladakh (in the India Himalaya). The new road in the valley floor was being repaired so we went up the high twisty narrow old road. Ajahn Pasanno sat in the front passenger seat which in India is on the left hand side….shortly after I made the comment to Ajahn “how you doing up there sir?” he offered his seat to me….when will I learn to keep my mouth shut I ask?

Here’s the road on Google satellite.

Walking in the Heaven’s


From the Blog site of Carsten Nebel "My Himalayas"

Alistair and I will be traveling with Ajahn Pasanno, Tan Nyaniko, a couple of lay supporters from India. We will be travelling by road slowly up to Ladakh via the Baspa valley (Rampur and Kalpa) and Spiti Valley (Tabo & Kaza). Upon our return I’ll share photo’s and stories with you…can’t wait.